Nine images of a known set of ten intaglio prints by Raffaello Schiaminossi. The 7” x 9.5” sheets are woven together to form the full 28” X 36” framed work. The images are clean and on good quality paper. Each plate, shows the title and SRAF signature. The back reveals a pencil sketch, plate marks from the printing process and numbering from a previous collector. The Sibyls were oracles or prophetic priestess in Ancient Greece.


Framed Set of nine Sibyl Prints by Raffaello Schiaminossi

The Irvington Historical Society has had many fund raiser donations, but NEVER a donation of Italian Renaissance art! If you are interested in classical art, the Italian Renaissance or printing read on.

Raffaello Schiaminossi published his prints in Rome between 1606 – 1614. He used the relatively new medium of Intaglio (etching) to produce religious, historical and portrait work.

This handwritten note from a previous owner is on the dust cover:
          Original Engraving 1606-1609 by Raffaello Schiaminossi (also spelled 

          Schiaminosse).  Born 1570 Died 1622. A native of Borgo S. Sepolcro,

          was a scholar of Raffaellino del Colle. He painted history with success,

          but more known as an engraver than a painter. He sometimes used a 

          monogram composed of the letters R. A. S. F.

          This set of Silyls(sic) are his own design. These were given to me by my 

          friend Mary Doyle Beckman.

                                                                                           - Karl O. Staufenbeil
                            [Karl Staufenbeil was an Indianapolis art dealer and framer who died

                             in 2011. Both he and Mary Doyle Beckman were Eastside residents]

Estimated value: $600.00
Sale Price:  $600.00