Thank You!

A volunteer organization like the Irvington Historical Society survives and progresses only with the help of donors, large and small.  Our content and stories are donated as well.  We want to recognize those businesses and individuals who have supported us over the past 12 months.  We thank: .
Our Corporate Sponsors

  • Core Redevelopment
  • Acanthus Arts
  • Simply Divine Cupcakes
  • Sundae’s Homemade Ice Cream
  • Beach Bum Barbecue
  • DuFour’s Catering
  • Justus Companies
  • Lincoln Square
  • The Legend
  • Bonna Shops
  • Hampton Design
  • Black Sheep Gifts. 
  • Central Ace Hardware
  • Gallery of Homes
  • Artisan Realtors
  • Irvington Ghost Tours 
  • Oakley-Hammond Funeral Home

2019 Grants

  • Indiana Historical Society,  Heritage Support Grant

  • Owings Family Foundation

Individual Donors 

  • Sue Beecher

  • Peg & Paul Diebold

  • Kent Hankins

  • Anne Hardwick

  • Steve & Sue Barnett

Partners in creating our 2019 exhibits: 

  • The Askren Family

  • Indiana Medical History Museum

  • Indy Cloth Dollmakers

  • Irvington Garden Club

  • Eastside Art Collective 

  • Susan Sklar

  • Suzanne Walker

  • Photographers Club of Warren Central High School

Our Volunteers, who keep us open!

  • Steve & Sue Barnett

  • Sue Beecher

  • Don Brown

  • Paul & Peggy Diebold

  • K. Egan

  • Char Ottinger & Ron Flick

  • Don Flick

  • Emma Flick

  • Irvington’s Black Hat Society

  • Kent Hankins & Bill Aughe

  • Jennifer Hale

  • Anne Hardwick

  • Ian Harmon

  • Ron Huggler

  • Melinda Jones

  • Andrea R. Light

  • Matt & Emma Robinson

  • Steven & Paula Schmidt

  • Michael Schmidt & Tammy Dominowski

  • Robert Uhlenhake

  • Don Weishaar

  • Barbara Wellnitz

  • Anuj 

  • DeeDee Davis

  • William Gulde

  • Kathleen Angelone

  • Sheryl and David Vanderstel

The following people donated materials to the IHS archives durin 2019:

  • Lloyd L Andrews
  • Kathleen Angelone
  • Pete (Pandelis) Apostolou
  • Steve  & Sue Barnett
  • Sue Beecher
  • Benton House Association
  • Mimi Bower
  • Amanda Browning
  • The Family of Howard Caldwell
  • Barbara Cohen
  • Core Redevelopment
  • Beatrice Cottom
  • The Family of Bea Cottom
  • Dee Dee Davis
  • Jim Davis
  • Chris and Claire Devlin
  • Paul Diebold
  • Evan Finch
  • Mike J Finnigan
  • Don Flick
  • Bret Furgason
  • Bruce & Carol Gable
  • Frederick Gable
  • William Gulde
  • Kent Hankins
  • Anne Hardwick
  • Kenneth Hardwick
  • Carol Harkness
  • Ian Harmon
  • Laura Hildreth
  • Ginny Hingst
  • Howe Alumni Association
  • Ron Huggler
  • Irvington Community Council
  • Irvington Garden Club
  • David Jones
  • Donald Jones
  • Ken Kern
  • Florence Knowlton
  • Barb LaFara
  • William Lawson
  • Gary Lewis
  • John Linehan
  • Marlena Linne
  • Ted Lollis
  • James Lynch
  • Karin Mullins
  • Nancy Patrick
  • Mary Peat
  • Yasha Persson
  • Robert Piland
  • Family of Marty Powell
  • Matthew Rice
  • John & Carol Richardson
  • Raymon Riordan
  • Steven & Paula Schmidt
  • Joseph Spiegl
  • Anne Spudic
  • Jacqueline Swihart
  • Mary Jane Teeters-Eichacker
  • Kathleen VanVelse
  • Greg Watkins
  • Barbara Wellnitz
  • Anna Wiley
  • Christopher Wilson

Become a Bona Sponsor

Dear Friend of Irvington:
The Irvington Historical Society, a 501(c)(3) organization,  relies on donors, sponsors, members and volunteers to fulfill our mission to collect, preserve and connect Irvington’s past to its present.  Our historic Bona Thompson Center allows us to:

  • Preserve the items collected since our organization began in 1964,
  • Create history and art exhibits pertinent to the present interests of Irvington and our Indianapolis-area neighbors,
  • Provide a unique atmosphere for community gatherings. 

You can support Irvington's History by becoming a member and a sponsor of our mission.  Memberships and donations fund our daily operations and preserve our materials.  Your sponsorship allows us to develop programs and serve the community by researching and sharing more of our history.

Become a member of the Irvington Historical Society

Volunteer at the Bona

  • Member volunteers assist with a wide variety of duties. from scanning materials for the archives, maintaining the building, curating exhibits, building displays, editing and updating the web and social media, planning events, and sharing information with visitors. Have fun volunteering at the Bona while you learn more about our community.
  • Email the Bona to tell us how you would like to get involved!

Rent the Bona for your events.
Donate to support one-time or ongoing expenses. 

Become a sponsor to support events and long-term needs.

Programming costs can be $50 for printing or food for a reception to Presenter’s workshop fees start at $200; preserving our documents, photographs and art we spend costs from $15 for one storage box, $300 to repair a WWI poster to $1000 to clean and repair a painting, such as Dorothy Morlan’s Irvington in December.

Become a sponsor to support the Bona's events and long-term needs.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Sponsor the annual Ice Cream Social.
  • Sponsor the monthly building operations
  • $500 (up to 3 sponsors per month) or $1,500 for sole sponsorship/per month
  • Create an endowment.

Your memberships and donations allows us to continue to operate the Bona admission free! As a sponsor, you, your company, or organization can also benefit.   

Donors or Event Sponsor

Your donations play a major role in funding our operations and programs. Programming costs can be $50 for printing or food for a reception to Presenter’s workshop fees start at $200; preserving our documents, photographs and art we spend costs from $15 for one storage box, $300 to repair a WWI poster to $1000 to clean and repair a painting, such as Dorothy Morlan’s Irvington in December.

As a $100 -$400 Donor or Event Sponsor, you receive:

  • One year membership to the Society
  • A history of your Irvington property 
  • Your name / Organization would be listed on our Web site as a supporter.

As a $500 -$900 Donor or Event Sponsor, you receive:

  • Your name would be listed on our web site as a supporter.
  • One time use of the Bona Thompson facility.

$1,000 - $4,000 for 1 year
                                        $5,000 + for the period of 2 years

Your sponsorship supports our building improvements and community programming.  For the specified period, you would receive:

  • a one-year membership to the Society
  • A history of your Irvington property.
  • Your organization's name and logo would be included with the Society’s marketing efforts.
  • Invitation to all Irvington Historical Society sponsored events
  • Marketing photo opportunities at the Bona 
  • One annual scheduled use of the Bona Thompson facility

Endowments           $20,000 and up

Your donation would play a major role in the future of our organization by allowing us to establish an endowment.This level of donation offers:

  • Naming rights to the two remaining rooms at the Bona: the new Archive and the future upper level gallery space that will be devoted to Irvington businesses.
  • Your name is associated with a room within the Bona for five years.
  • Logo or name will be used in our marketing, as well as recognized on our Website.
  • One annual scheduled use of the Bona Thompson facility for each of the five years

If you are interested, please consider making a donation to the Bona.  Checks should be made out to “The Irvington Historical Society”.  You can donate using a credit card via our website,

The Irvington Historical Society is a 501(c)3 corporation.

 We thank you for your interest and support.