• Membership
    • Join as a member to help support daily operations of the Society.
    • Family memberships are just $25 annually.

  • Volunteer
    • Volunteers assist with cataloging our archives, maintaining the building, curating exhibits, building displays, editing, updating our social media platforms, planning events, or sharing information with visitors.

  • Rent the Bona
    • Rent the Bona Thompson Center for your private event.

  • Donate
    • Make an one-time or ongoing donation to support the operation of the Bona Thompson Center.
    • Programming costs can be $50 for printing or food for a reception.
    • Presenter's workshop fees start at $200.
    • To preserve our documents, photographs and art we spend from $15 for one storage box, $300 to repair a WWI poster to $1000 to clean and repair Dorothy Morlan's Irvington in December.

  • Sponsorship
    • Become an event sponsor or sponsor long-term needs.
    • The Ice Cream Social is an annual event with sponsorship opportunities.
    • Sponsor the monthly building operations $500 (up to 3 sponsors per month) or $1,500 for sole sponsorship/ per month
    • Designate us as a beneficiary through Planned Giving.

We know the value of your donation to the Irvington Historical Society. They allow us to continue to fulfill our mission and to operate admission free!  But, what might be the personal benefits for you, your company, or organization?  This chart lists the benefits of the various donation levels:

Donation Levels


  • One year membership to the Society.
  • Your name listed on our website as a supporter for a year.

$500 -$999

  • All of the above.
  • One rental of the Bona Thompson Center.


  • All of the above.
  • Invitation to all Irvington Historical Society sponsored events for a year.
  • Marketing photo opportunities at the Bona Thompson Center.

 $5,000 +

  • Two-year membership in the Society.
  • Your name listed on our website as a supporter for two years
  • Two rentals of the Bona Thompson Center over a two-year period.

$20,000 +

  • Five-year membership in the Society
  • Your name listed on our website as a supporter for five years
  • Five rentals of the Bona Thompson Center over a five-year period
  • Naming rights to the new archive or upper level exhibit gallery for five years.
  • Your name and logo used in our marketing

 If you are interested in making a donation, checks can be made out to "Irvington Historical Society" and be mailed to us at the address below or dropped off at the Bona  Thompson Center.  The Bona can also accept credit card payments via our website bookstore.

If you would like to volunteer, feel free to stop by sometime or send us an email.
We thank you for supporting the Irvington Historical Society!

With sincere appreciation,

                                                         Kent Hankins, President
                                                         Irvington Historical Society

Become a Bona Sponsor

Dear Friends of Irvington History,

The Irvington Historical Society has relied on donors, sponsors, and volunteers to fulfill our mission to collect, preserve and connect Irvington' s past to its present since 1964. Our historic Bona Thompson Memorial Center allows us to:

  1. Preserve the items collected by our organization.
  2. Create exhibits pertinent to the interests of Irvington and our Indianapolis-area neighbors, and
  3. Provide a unique atmosphere for community gatherings.

Join us to support the Irvington Historical Society and its home -- the Bona Thompson Center. Your memberships and donations fund our daily operations and preserve our collection. Your sponsorship allows us to develop programs and serve the community by researching and sharing more of our history.